Taj Mahal

Surface Finished Polished
Slab Size 9'x2'
Usage Indoor
Application Countertop/Wall/Flooring
Thickness 2cm
Color Group White
Price Range $$$$

The combination of beige and creamy white colors in Taj Mahal Quartz Stone creates a sophisticated and harmonious appearance. The beige tones add warmth and depth to the overall color palette, while the creamy white base contributes a sense of purity and brightness. This dual-color scheme makes Taj Mahal Quartz Stone a versatile choice, suitable for a wide range of interior design styles.

The beige elements in the stone may manifest as subtle veins, delicate patterns, or speckles, blending seamlessly with the creamy white background. This interplay of colors adds visual interest and a touch of natural elegance, resembling the characteristics of genuine marble.

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